10 Apps To Make Photo Collages on Android

Turizmatika.com - 10 Apps To Make Photo Collages on Android - Making photo collages for personal or work documentation is fun. Not only does it make photo collections look more interesting, the nuances of the memories behind them are also beautifully preserved.

Compiling photo collages manually in Photoshop requires a lot of effort, fortunately there are many photo collage maker applications that provide beautiful templates and users just need to fill them with photos.

10 Apps To Make Photo Collages on Android

As for now, there are many choices of contemporary photo collage editing applications that you can try. Some even offer free photo collage apps with various attractive designs and themes. For those of you who are looking for the best photo collage application in 2022, consider the following recommendations;

Apps To Make Photo Collages on Android

1. Canva

One of the most popular celebrity-style collage photo editing applications today is Canva. The Canva application is used by many people, both beginners and professionals. The resulting collage is also not kidding good.

So don't be surprised if Canva has succeeded in becoming the favorite application that supports various photo collage posts on Instagram.

Canva also offers a variety of interesting features to help with the photo editing process. In addition to providing a free version, Canva users can also try the premium version for more complete features. If you want to try the Canva application via your favorite Android phone, all you have to do is download it here

2. Photo Grid

The next application for making photo collages, the best activity documentation on Android, which is no less popular, is Photo Grid. It's been a long time since my friends made photo collages with Photo Grid. Besides having a large selection of frames and themes, this application is also easy for beginners to operate.

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The file size of the Photo Grid application is also not large, so it doesn't take up space on smartphone memory. Users who make photo collages from this application can also save them directly in the smartphone photo album. If you are interested in trying this contemporary and free photo collage editing application, you can visit

3. Phototastic Collage

There is also a Phototastic Collage application that offers a feature to make photo collages of activities easily. Just select several photos that you want to use in one frame, then Phototastic Collage will display a collection of designs ranging from the most popular to the newest.

This application is available for free. In addition, Phototastic Collage also allows users to add cute text and stickers. Judging from a series of features, this one collage application is worth considering. If you want to try it, just download this application via the link

4. Photo Collage Maker

Furthermore, for those who are still curious about the free photo collage application that has many interesting frames, try installing Photo Collage Maker. This application allows users to filter photos, add text, to choose the most suitable template.

Photo Collage Maker also offers high-resolution collages. So if you want the collage to look clear, then the Photo Collage Maker application can be the solution. If you are interested in using Photo Collage Maker, you can download the application via the link

5. Pic Collage

There are quite a lot of contemporary photo collage editing applications that many Android HP users like. One of them that is quite popular to download is Pic Collage. This application makes it easy to do photo editing to combine several photos easily.

In addition, Pic Collage also has a small file size, so it doesn't consume memory on your favorite smartphone. With the application, users can create collages of up to 30 photos at once. Not to mention the additional designs and interesting effects on the photos. So don't be surprised if Pic Collage is able to produce unique photo collages. This application can be downloaded for free at the link

6. Shape Collage

Not only does it produce photo collages that look unique and attractive, but the Shape Collage application also helps create beautiful wallpapers. Armed with a variety of photos, the best photo collage app 2022 offers the best design themes.

Besides being easy to use, this application also has a variety of themes and features to crop unique photo shapes, such as heart shapes, or star shapes. It's a shame if you don't try to download this application via the link

7. PicsArt

There are also many Android HP users who fall in love with the photo collage editing application ala celebgram made by PicsArt. This application has special features ranging from a variety of interesting grids and frames. In addition, PicsArt also has a variety of editing features, both for adjusting the lighting to the color saturation of the compiled photos.

The application is also free and easily obtained by Android smartphone users. If you want to try it, immediately download this application via the following download link

8. Photo Mix+

Then another application for making photo collages on Android is Photo Mix+. Like most other aesthetic photo collage editing apps, Photo Mix+ offers a variety of grids and frames. The themes offered are also diverse, so users are free to determine which color mode is the most appropriate.

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Photo Mix+ is also beginner friendly. This application also does not contain a lot of space because of its small size. For those who want to try it, just download it at

9. Moldiv

One of the next free photo collage apps is Moldiv. This application can make it easier for users to combine various kinds of photos in the same frame. Not only that, but Moldiv also allows users to edit aesthetic collage photos, so that the results are artful and attractive.

Moldiv comes with hundreds of filters to work with. In addition, there are more than a dozen themes that can be used to make photo collages look special. So that you can try the application, just download Moldiv at 

10. Layout

Instagram users should try the Layout app to make photo collages and upload directly to Instagram social media. This app is a photo collage maker officially owned by Instagram. So that it is easy for users to apply it directly on their Instagram page.

Launched with a wide selection of tools and filters, this application is a photo collage application that is worth trying. Visit the official site

Those are some apps to make the best activity photo collages on Android. By relying on a variety of the best 2022 photo collage applications, the results will look like the work of a pro. Beautiful memories are not only stored in memory, but also need to be shared so that others know your life is meaningful

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