10 Epub Reader Apps on Android and PC

Turizmatika.com - 10 Epub Reader Apps on Android and PC - Some people enjoy reading various publications for additional information and knowledge. Which is currently the activity can be done easily via smartphone or PC. To do so they need an ePub reader app on Android and a proper PC. So that later reading ePub becomes comfortable and easy.

10 Epub Reader Apps on Android and PC
10 Epub Reader Apps on Android and PC

However, there are still many who do not know what are the best eBook reader applications for PC and Android. So this kind of information needs to be known by bookworms who have a hobby of reading. The following is a list of the most popular free offline book reading applications;

1. Lithium ePub Reader

Lithium ePub Reader

One of the most popular ePub reader applications on Android is the Lithium ePub Reader. This application is free and provides a variety of interesting advantages for its users. Starting from its simple appearance, to a variety of unique themes for ePub lovers.

In addition, this application also offers an ad-free service, so users can read ePub comfortably without any obstacles. If you want to use this application, you should download the application through the playstore

2. ReadEra


There is another free offline book reading application that is quite popular in cyberspace, namely ReadEra. This one application is no less interesting to consider thanks to the various advantages it offers.

Its name is ReadEra, an eBook reader application that is not only free but also has a simple interface for anyone to use. Supports PDF, EPUB, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF), Kindle (MOBI, AZW3), DJVU, FB2, TXT, ODT and CHM formats. If you want to know more about this application, you can visit the following link:

3. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Next, if you are looking for an eBook reader application on Android for free, you can use Google Play Books as an alternative choice. This application is quite popular on Android phones because it has a wide collection of interesting ebooks ranging from free to paid ebooks.

Not only reading books, users of this application can also take advantage of the feature to listen to books (Reading Books). All can be obtained easily and for free on the application. A wide selection of online books are also available for easy enjoyment. Therefore, it is not surprising that many download Google Play Books on their favorite smartphones to fill their spare time. If you are interested in participating in using the application, download it immediately via the link

4. PocketBook


EBook fans should not look down on the PocketBook app. This app supports various formats for easy reading of ePub. So for lovers of the hobby of reading publications or books through smartphones, of course PocketBook is the right choice.

Not only that, PocketBook also offers other interesting features such as a book reader, 100% ad-free, including filtering the collection of books you want to read. If you want to try to use this application, immediately download the application via the link

5. Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Then there is Kobo Books, an eBook reader application for PC and Android that is quite interesting to look at. For most ebook and ePub lovers, this app is quite well known and a lot of fun. Because Kobo Books offers a wide variety of books to read every day.

Not only that, but apparently this application also has a variety of interesting features to consider. One of them is the feature to search and track various kinds of books and organize favorite readings.

Even here, users can easily buy some of their favorite ebooks. Therefore Kobo Books is among the most liked in the world. If you want to get services from the application, immediately download it at

6. eBooks


Then for an alternative to free ePub reading applications on Android, you can then use eBoox. This application to easily read various kinds of ebooks provides convenience for its users.

Because it can be said that eBoox is easy to operate and has interesting features. Not to mention the support of various eBook and ePub formats in the application. If you want to try to use this application, get it immediately at

7. Moon+Reader


For those who have never heard the name Moon+ Reader, I think this is the right time to try to choose this ePub reader application. Designed to provide a variety of themes for its users, it's no wonder that Moon+ Reader has won the hearts of eBook and ePub lovers.

Not only easy to use, but this application also offers free services to better services through its premium version. With an attractive appearance and a complete collection of books, it feels like you have nothing to lose if you use the application on your favorite Android phone. For those who are interested in using this application, you can download it for free at 

8. Caliber


One of the most favorite ePub reader applications on Windows PC is Caliber. This application is not only free but also has a myriad of benefits for its users. In addition, Caliber users are also pampered with various interesting features such as transferring books to converting the format of the book they are reading.

Therefore Caliber is also widely liked by eBook and ePub readers. Especially if you use a PC to do this. This application can be downloaded easily at the following link 

9. Freda


EBook and ePub lovers can also take advantage of Freda as an ePub reader application for Android and PC. This application is the most widely used geek on Windows. Therefore, it is not surprising that many PC users have downloaded it, even though its popularity is still below caliber.

If you want to use Freda as one of your favorite ePub and ebook reading applications, just download this application here

10. Nook


Finally, for those who are interested in adding a series of applications to read ePub for free, you can try to download Nook. This application is suitable for reading various kinds of ePub easily. Moreover, in this application there are a series of themes to a selection of interesting books for further reading.

Not only that, Nook seems to be working with Kobo Books so that users of this application also indirectly enjoy the various collections of books and publications available at Kobo Books. If you are interested in using Nook, you should immediately download the application at the following link 

Those are some Android and PC ePub reader apps that you can use for free and easily. Immediately download the application above, so that reading various kinds of eBooks and ePub becomes easier and more enjoyable. Knowledge increases and free time can be used positively. Good luck trying it!

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