20 Free Fonts For T-Shirt and Jacket Designs

Turizmatika.com - 20 Free Fonts For T-Shirt and Jacket Designs - Design of shirts and jackets using cool fonts will make the shirts and jackets look elegant for many people to see, especially if you have your own brand to make these jackets and t-shirts, of course choosing a good font will affect your selling brand. Actually, to get cool fonts you don't always have to pay, many free fonts that have a license can be used for personal or commercial needs, meaning that the font designer allows the font to be used for profit. Therefore, the admin here will share a good font to use as a t-shirt and jacket design that has a license for personal use and commercial use, namely:

20 Free Fonts For T-Shirt and Jacket Designs
20 Free Fonts For T-Shirt and Jacket Designs

20 Free Fonts For T-Shirt and Jacket Designs

The list of fonts below is taken from various web sources, so you will have to go through the official web sources to get these free fonts.


Apex Mk3, from Jeremy Nelson Design, is a strong typeface, inspired by classic geometric shapes, sans serif, and block type. Its simplicity provides flexibility for a variety of uses.

2. Little Munstar

Little Munstar is a Monster inspired font. Perfect for Halloween projects and crafts/presenting Little Monsters general gifts. All capital letters are related to monsters

3. Offlander

Introducing Offlander, the Uppercase Family that includes 8 stylish fonts created by Craft Supply Co. This freebie including Offlander Rough is completely free!

This font has a rustic effect and is perfect for any project that is adventurous or industrial.

4. Neon Fonts

Neon Font is a neon glow typeface created in a continuous line style so it works on neon signs. While this is the idea, this font can be adapted to a variety of designs from branding to packaging. It can also be used in web banners once in a gif format where the lights can go on and off to grab the user's attention. To make it look amazing, you can use some of the free mockups to create a glowing effect as shown in the image.

5. Facon

Facón is a sports display with a diagonal cut designed by Alejo Bergmann. It contains all uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. This font is perfect for a variety of display purposes, including logos, badges and labels, headlines and banners, posters, prints, and more. The Nike logo is used as an example only.

6. Pogo

Introducing Pogo, a unique display font from Erlend Storaker. Many feature sharp-edged characters giving the font an overall more aggressive look.

7. Blow Brush

Blow Brush is a handwritten, marker style font with natural lines and edges which will give your text a unique character and good flow, making it look original. This font includes a full set of uppercase letters, numbers, 22 bindings, a selection of special characters and several variations.

8. Portrait

Potra is a futuristic display font with rounded lines designed by Alejo Bergmann. It contains all uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. This font is perfect for a variety of display purposes including logos, badges and labels, headers and banners, prints and more.

9. Strike One

Strike One Free Font is here consisting of Opentype Features; standard ligatures, contextual alternatives and 11 swashes. Suitable for all design needs.

10. Takota

Takota is a stylish brush font that comes from Syaf Rizal. It contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation marks, symbols, and multilingual support. This font is great for branding, labels and logos, merchandising, social media, and more. This font was created by Khorasan.

11. Smoothie Shoppe

Smoothie Shoppe is a great and super flexible font available for free download! It comes with lots of features, punctuation and with some connecting letters which is really unique with swoosh. Check out the preview image to see what you can achieve with this font.

12. Back to Black

Back to Black is an amazing free font from Misti's Fonts. I created this preview image for this typeface to inspire you to create something awesome! It's a calligraphy, handwritten, and perfectly floated typeface with a modern drive. I hope you're inspired by these previews and fonts.

13. Humble Rought

Humblle Rought is a modern vintage typeface with an imperfect flow that will give your text a natural look. This great font includes numbers, special characters, symbols, and stylistic options.

14. Brux

BRUX is an awesome stylish brush font, it's bold and full of life! Will give a lot of personality to your creations. Great for Print and digital projects! This font has Swedish, German and Spanish characters, and is available in the following formats: OTF, TTF and Webfont As usual.

15. Breathe

Breathe, a handwritten display font available in all modern formats and ready to participate in your projects. To get all access to the complete form of the font, you do have to get it by purchasing a license for this font.

16. Chemin

Chemin is a doodle-like font that you can use for t-shirt and jacket designs, this font will give a unique impression on your t-shirt and jacket designs. You can use this font for commercial purposes.

17. Quantum

Quantum is a bold typeface created by Greg 'Sesohq' Ortiz. This unique typeface was inspired by the bold use of shape and accent tools. It has original slash & futuristic design which is great for anything related to games, space, future, Sci-fi, etc. And excellent for logos, branding & headlines.

18. Endoell

Endoell, a free handwriting brush typeface from Slodo Palsky. This typeface is perfect for designs related to adventure, travel, or anything vintage and traditional. It features some very unique characters - Great for clothing, posters, marketing, advertising and much more.

19. Henrik

Henrik is so versatile and amazing at achieving a vintage aesthetic with your designs. It features textured uppercase characters and select punctuation marks that will work great in branding, badges, labels, clothing, headlines and more!

20. Ocean Six

Ocean Six is ​​a bold typeface from Drifter Studio that features a unique, detailed and handcrafted look. Made with scanned/vectored acrylic brush strokes and inspired by vintage catalogs. Uppercase, lowercase and special characters included - Ocean Six is ​​a classic addition to your collection.

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