7 Small Capital Trading Applications, Let's Start Now!

7 Small Capital Trading Applications, Let's Start Now!
7 Small Capital Trading Applications, Let's Start Now!

Turizmatika.com - 7 Small Capital Trading Applications, Let's Start Now - Public awareness of investment is currently growing rapidly. In addition to digital development in all its aspects, this is also supported by the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which puts forward aspects of digital technology. This will ultimately encourage the creation of various forms of small equity investments that can be built on top of existing investment applications. There are many forms of the best investment that we can do easily today. As a beginner, you don't need to worry or hesitate to start investing. Because there are so many types of small capital start-up investments that you can try.

Small Capital Trading Applications

Currently, in the midst of advances in digital technology and the many conveniences that we can make with various innovations in the digital world, we simply invest in an application. Here are some investment applications that provide low capital services.

1. Bareksa

The best investment application that we can use in 2021 is Bareksa. Bareksa is an investment fund marketplace that sells hundreds of products from various companies run by professional investment managers. There are also a number of investment opportunities available at Bareksa.

Starting from mutual funds, government bonds (SBN), gold to umrah. The app details information on each product, including price movements, profits made, and risks. Another advantage of Bareksa is that our customers get a cash flow simulation for each product.

In this way we can estimate the profit and loss obtained based on the cash flow of each product. In addition, we provide a portfolio sheet for each user, which makes investing easier.

2. Seeds

Outside of Bareksa, the small investment competition that has skyrocketed this year is the Seedling competition. Investment application that provides various services. We can allocate our funds to bonds in the form of investment funds and stock exchanges. Sharia investment opportunities are also available.

The advantage of Seeds is the availability of artificial intelligence (AI) called Robo Advisor, which helps determine investment routes based on the income and resources you want to allocate. After registration and data entry is complete, Robo Advisor classifies profiles into three types: conservative, moderate, and aggressive.

The three profiles are comprehensive, conservative is a safe and risk-averse voter, moderate is the right profile for short-term investments, while aggressive is a voter who tends to expect high returns with the same risk. . All these profiles can be customized according to your convenience and desire.

3. Earn money

One of the best investment apps of 2020 is Tanamduit. The design of this application is very colorful and shows that the target market of this application is young people and in the millennial era who are more educated to invest. Tanamduit offers four types of products, namely mutual funds, government bonds, insurance, and gold.

Tanamduit's flagship is gold. That is, if you save gold in this app, you can get a gold card and send the card to other people, like siblings, parents. Furthermore, the search engine used by this application is also very simple. We only need to sell through this app.

If we are confused, the artificial intelligence provided by the application will also guide us. Like Bibit and Bareksa, this application offers very cheap investment capital, starting from only IDR 10,000.

4. Magical

The next recommended stock-free investment application is Magic. As the name suggests, this app can work wonders for those who start investing with as little as IDR 10,000. They offer two investment products, namely mutual funds and gold.

The app also includes a guide to help you get started with investing, so we won't be confused when launching the app. The guide also guides us in choosing which products to choose based on our investor profile.

Furthermore, Magic will send notifications of the most appropriate time to buy and sell shares, which will be very useful for us to optimize profits and reduce losses. This application is also licensed by the Financial Services Authority, so it is very safe and very reliable.

5. HSB Investment

Another alternative to small equity investments is HSB Investments. However, this application has some differences and is perfect for those of you who already have investment or investment experience. The products offered by this application are very diverse and varied, ranging from forex (currencies), precious metals, stock indices and so on.

The security of this application is also very guaranteed because all activities that occur in this application are supervised by the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI) and other regulatory bodies such as ICDX, ICH.

This application also has excellent features, especially the CITRA (Commercial Information Accounting) service. This is a feature that makes it easy for us users to see all transactions made directly. Therefore, these applications are generally more transparent with guaranteed security.

6. LandX

LandX is the next application that we can use. LandX is an investment app that offers real estate as a product. Then what kind of real estate system is used as an investment product? Using property as a product is not without reason, as there are several houses and buildings for sale on LandX.

For example, if a house is sold for IDR 500 million with 5 million land, we can buy a part of the house with a capital of one plot. However, please note that the minimum capital invested in LandX is IDR 3 million, so we must prepare funds in advance to be able to invest in LandX.

7. KoinWorks

The last application that we can use to invest is KoinWorks, through this application we can invest 10,000. The minimum application investment limit really depends on the product you choose, starting from gold which can be purchased for only Rp. 1,000. As for the minimum share of IDR 100,000.

KoinWorks promises returns of up to 18 percent per year and OJK has also certified it, so we don't have to worry about the legality of investment demands. KoinWorks is an investment application that works with a peer to peer lending (P2P lending) system. It directs incoming funds to people who apply for loans in the application.

One of the keys to investing is persistence, constantly learning and getting the latest information. There are many ways to invest today, and there are a variety of smaller stock investment ideas, along with all the features. The key is willpower and persistence, and believe me, you will eventually succeed.

Appah Si paling sering merasa gabut dan suka berbagi.

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