How to Quickly Remove Video Background

Turizmatika.comHow to Quickly Remove Video Background - When you want to change the background on a video, surely what you think about is the green screen, the use of a green screen when recording a video will indeed make it easier to edit the video, especially changing the video background. But did you know that nowadays technology has developed very quickly, making it easier for us to complete a job easily and quickly.

This time I will share knowledge about how to remove the video background without software, in quotes it does not mean to change the background of this video does not require an application, it still requires an application but you do not have to install the application on your computer/laptop.

How to Remove Video Background Without Software?

There is a website that is specifically dedicated to helping you change the background of the video you have, with this website you don't need to install an application on your laptop/computer, just upload a video on the website so that your video background can be changed at will.

Even better, the website provides several backgrounds that are ready for you to use, how about that? Interested in trying the website?

Ok, follow these steps to remove video background without software.

1. Go to your browser first.

2. Go to the site if you want to go to the website directly.

3. The main display of the website will appear as shown below. 

Now all you have to do is directly upload the video that you want to remove/change the background. Just click Upload Clip.

How to Quickly Remove Video Background

*No login required to upload videos!

4. After the video is uploaded, wait until the background removal process is complete. 

How to Quickly Remove Video Background

After that your video background will disappear by itself, now you just have to download the video that has lost the background. Click the download button after the background removal process is complete!

5. Your video has no background and is ready to be used for editing purposes

You need to know that this website is free to use, but for this free version you will not get videos in High Resolution quality, your videos will be downloaded in normal resolution, but in my opinion to use it is still okay.

To get High Resolution videos, you have to register yourself on this site using email, then you will get cool features such as: Full HD Resolution, Full Lenght Clips, No Watermark, Video File Download and API.

Of course this option suits your needs, if you really need good video quality without the hassle of editing videos using software, you can use the premium version of this website. That's how to quickly remove this video background, hopefully it's useful and good luck!

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