How To Set Google Maps More Accurately So You Don't Get Lost - How to set Google Maps more accurately so you don't get lost - Google Maps provides digital maps and navigation services to show your route or location. While Google Maps is designed to show you the best routes, it often runs into errors.

Google Maps sometimes provides a less accurate or less convenient way to find a point location. Well, this can be avoided by increasing the functionality of the Google Maps application.

How To Set Google Maps More Accurately So You Don't Get Lost
How To Set Google Maps More Accurately So You Don't Get Lost

How to set Google Maps more accurately so you don't get lost

Google Maps users on Android and iOS can take the following steps to improve Google Maps performance.

1. Enable GPS in “High Accuracy” state

By setting Location Services (GPS) to a “high accuracy” state, Google Maps claims to be able to pinpoint the user's location more accurately. However, keep in mind that these caps can cause the battery to drain faster.

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  1. Open the Settings menu > Location
  2. Select the “Google Location Accuracy” option
  3. Slide the toggle on the “Improve Location Accuracy” option until it turns green


  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  2. Select the Google Maps application and slide the toggle on the “Precise Location” option until it turns green

2. Disable Battery Saver

The battery saver feature can limit the use of apps by the phone so that it consumes less power. Well, if this feature is active, the phone's performance will be eroded, including GPS.

This will definitely affect the accuracy of the Google Maps application. This feature must be disabled for Google Maps to function optimally.


  1. Open the Settings menu > Battery
  2. Then disable the Battery Savings feature by pressing the available button


  1. Open the Settings menu > Battery
  2. In the “Low Power Mode” option, slide it until the toggle turns black

3. Compass sensor calibration

Google Maps uses the phone's magnetometer sensor. This sensor accurately measures the user's location.

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Users can calibrate periodically or whenever the app provides an inaccurate location. Here's how:

  1. Open the Google Maps app and tap on the blue circle icon that shows your current location
  2. Select calibration option
  3. Move the phone in a pattern similar to the number eight
  4. After the above process is complete, the Google Maps sensor has been successfully calibrated

4. Clear cache

If Google Maps is used frequently, we recommend that users clear cached data stored in the app.

This can be done to avoid performance disturbances in the application. Users don't have to worry because the data is cached and doesn't cause an error when it's deleted.

  1. Go to Settings > Application List.
  2. Select the Maps app
  3. Select the Clear Data option > Clear Cache

5. Disable mock locations

Android devices have a Developer Options option which allows the user to switch to developer mode.

Through this mode, users can set parameters such as changing the animation scale, improving game performance, and even creating fake GPS coordinates by creating a fake location on the phone.

If enabled, Google Maps will have difficulty displaying location data accurately. Users are advised to disable this feature by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options.
  2. Select the option “Choose a fake location app”
  3. Drag until the toggle button turns black

6. Turn on Wi-Fi

In addition to relying on GPS services, Google Maps can also use a WiFi connection to estimate the user's current location.

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If Google Maps displays inaccurate location details, the user is advised to connect the device to a nearby WiFi connection.

7. Reinstall Google Maps

This is the last method that can be used if the above six methods fail to fix the error location detail issue.

By uninstalling Google Maps, the phone can delete data which can cause errors in the application.

Previously, users were also advised to update Google Maps to the latest version to get the latest information and features.

That's information about how to set Google Maps more accurately so you don't get lost. if there are comments please write in the comments column.

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