How To Tidy Up Instagram Posts Without Deleting - How To Tidy Up Instagram Posts Without Deleting - Instagram users sometimes want to spruce up the appearance of the feed on their Profile page. The reason could be for the sake of digital personal branding or indeed wanting to delete photos that are no longer relevant or desirable.

Many have tried to remove the "disgrace" in some of the photos uploaded when they first started using Instagram, including photos with new filters that at that time became "hits" but are considered "old school" for now.

Indeed, at the beginning of its appearance Instagram only provided a delete option to remove traces of such photos. But now Instagram offers another option to hide photos that "block" the appearance of the Instagram profile feed more attractive.

This option is in the form of the Archive feature which was released in mid-2017. As the name suggests, this feature works like a safe to move certain posts, including the account owner's Instagram Stories.

The method is also easy, choose a post, it can be a photo or video. Then click the three dots in the upper right corner until a pop-up option “Archive” (Archieve) appears.

How To Tidy Up Instagram Posts Without Deleting
How To Tidy Up Instagram Posts Without Deleting

New Features in Instagram Stories Archive and Highlight

That way, the photo will move from the Profile page to the archive box, complete with the number of likes and comments that remain intact.

If you feel that the photo really needs to be published again, the user can return the photo to its original place.

To do this, click the clock icon on the Profile page, which is located at the top, then select “posts archived” (Posts Archieve) and select the photos you want to display again. Select “show in profile” (show in profile) in the pop-up.

Automatically, the photo will return to the Profile page in its entirety without losing the number of likes and comments, as summarized from Life Wire.

Not only photos or videos, the Archive feature can also extend the life of Instagram Stories which was originally only 24 hours.

Just go to your Instagram profile, then click on the three dots in the top right corner. Scroll down until you find the “Story setting” option. In the option "save" (Saving) activate the option "save to archive" (Save to Archieve).

Then your stories will be able to be viewed repeatedly without worrying that they will disappear after 24 hours. The way to view archived Stories is the same as opening an archive of posts. Then select the “Stories Archieve” option. Stories will appear along with the date they were created.

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