Mutual Fund Investment with BukaReksa Feature

Mutual Fund Investment with BukaReksa Feature
Mutual Fund Investment with BukaReksa Feature

Last week I was quite surprised by one of the breakthroughs made by the startup. The breakthrough was the collaboration between Bareksa and a well-known e-commerce company,, which gave birth to the Bukareksa feature. Then how about the collaboration? Let's discuss together what the collaboration is like

The collaboration between the two startups is to use the marketplace as a means to expand the reach of potential mutual fund investors by creating a new feature, BukaReksa.

Honestly, I was really surprised because I think this is one of the latest breakthroughs in the mutual fund industry. How come? Yes, so far the purchase of mutual funds is still limited to securities, asset management or selling agents such as banks and

Then at the beginning of this year mutual fund purchases were very easily accessible like we buy clothes online! It was never thought of before until this collaboration was finally officially launched on January 19, 2017.

One of the interesting things is that in this BukaReksa feature, investors can buy mutual funds with a nominal value of Rp. 10,000, which I personally think is a very affordable nominal. As for the Investment Manager, they cooperate with CIMB Principal Asset Management to issue a money market mutual fund product specifically to accommodate funds from these investors.

Technological developments from year to year indeed give birth to unlimited innovations, including in the world of finance and investment. The easier access and information on investment products is in line with the expectation that more and more people are familiar with the product, especially mutual funds.

Quoted from stated that the number of mutual fund investors is still small. As of August 2016, the number of new mutual fund investors was 340,869, or only about 0.13 percent of Indonesia's total population. With the innovation and ease of purchasing this investment product, it can boost the literacy of the Indonesian people in the investment world.

What are the Features in Bareksa?

I started getting to know Bareksa since 2015. Bareksa, which can be accessed through the Bareksa website, is a start-up engaged in the realm of financial technology that has been established since 2014. Three years later, the name Bareksa has begun to be heard among investors because this start-up makes it easier to transact mutual fund products. .

Mutual Fund Products Marketplace

This is a superior feature and innovation made by Bareksa (I am interested because there are many types of mutual funds that can be purchased through this site). Not much different from the marketplace in general, here everyone can make buying and selling mutual fund products from various Asset Management that have collaborated with Bareksa.

The products also range from money market mutual funds to stock mutual funds, suitable for various investor risk profiles. The nominal investment is also very small, only 100 thousand.

In addition, the convenience provided by Bareksa by using technology, anyone can buy this investment product, which is no longer limited by distance and time. For registration to the buying and selling process, in my opinion, it is very easy just by using the internet network, there is no need to bother coming to the company that manages the mutual fund.

Planning Simulation

Not only the marketplace, on this site we can use investment calculation simulations that are useful for making old-age planning decisions and saving children's education. Simulation is useful to see how much money we will need in our old age or the cost to send our children to school. For me this is very useful with this simulation we can think far ahead and prepare everything from now on by starting to invest.

News and Analysis

In this section we can read a lot of the latest news. In addition, there are also reviews that discuss the analysis of various companies related to the latest state of the capital market. I also often use bareksa as a reference for reading and analyzing stocks and other investment instruments.

Data and Tools

Well, if this is one of my main references when I analyze a mutual fund before making investment decisions. Here are provided various types of data that are very, very complex and useful for investors. From the available mutual fund data, such as mutual fund returns, net asset value, various indexes, to comparisons of mutual fund products with one another, there is also a list of available funds.

If you are not satisfied with the data available on the website, you can use the data subscription facility provided by Bareksa. The price also varies from 5 million to 90 million. Maybe this is more suitable for corporate customers if retail investors like me don't really need it hehehe.

My little review about, at this time I am also one of the users of buying and selling mutual fund products on this marketplace. So far, my experience investing through this marketplace is very easy and very affordable. If anyone has tried the facilities at Bareksa, please share your experiences in the comments column

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