How to View WhatsApp Web Files on a Laptop / PC

WhatsApp is a chat application for smartphones. This application allows users to send messages and exchange document, video, audio and image files without credit because WhatsApp uses internet data packages.

As technology develops, the WhatsApp application is not only used on cellphones, but you can also install it on your laptop / PC. All you have to do is connect the WhatsApp account that is used on the cellphone with the laptop via a QR Code scan and automatically you can immediately use WhatsApp on Windows / MacOS with the same account / number.

But lately, many WhatsApp Web users have been wondering, where does WhatsApp save files that have been downloaded on laptops / computers? It's possible that someone has sent a file to their WA number and plans to open it on a laptop but doesn't know where the WhatsApp web data is stored.

So, in this discussion, will explain how to view WhatsApp Web files on a laptop/PC. Let's immediately pay attention to the following discussion.

How to Download Video Files, Images, Audio, Documents on WhatsApp Web Laptop

Downloading files in the form of videos, images, audio, documents on the Whatsapp Laptop / PC application or on WhatsApp web is very easy. The tutorial is as follows:

1. Open a browser on your laptop or PC.

2. Enter the WhatsApp web site via the following link:

3. Then log in by scanning the QR Code from your WA HP application.

4. Open the chat that contains the document files, images/photos, videos, audio/WhatsApp songs to be downloaded

5. Find the file in the chatroom and if you can click the Download icon

6. Wait a few moments for the file to finish downloading.

7. If so, the file will be saved automatically to your laptop / PC.

8. Done.

Why Can't Download Files on WhatsApp Web?

Many users also complain about why the WhatsApp / WhatsApp Web application on a laptop cannot download files? Why doesn't WhatsApp Web download appear? One of the main problems is the user's poor internet connection. Therefore, before downloading WA files, find a place with a good internet connection. Or you can also use wifi and change providers.

How to View WhatsApp Web Files on a Laptop / PC

Where does WhatsApp Web store files on laptop / PC? So if we have downloaded a file from the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web application, the download will be stored in the Downloads folder. This folder is the default storage for all files downloaded from the Web whether it's using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Operamini and others to open WhatsApp Web.

Thus my discussion regarding How to View WhatsApp Web Files on a Laptop / PC, I hope this article can answer your question. Good luck, thank you.

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