Welcome to the official blog of Turizmatika.com, a blog sharing information about everything that admin is good at. 

This blog was created on August 28, 2022 with our full hope.

There are so many dynamics that we decided to set up this blog. Before this blog came into existence, we already had a blog, but due to some circumstances, we had to sell the blog.

After creating this blog, there were also various problems, for example, we just found out that the domain we are using is someone else's former domain. Therefore, if there was anything before we founded this blog, we did not know anything about it.

Because this domain is someone else's, we feel that the google index process here is quite long besides that there are many unclear traffic sources on this blog. However, we do not give up hope, we continue to write and keep writing in the hope that one day this blog can be useful for many parties.

Thank you for visiting this blog. If in writing our post there is a mistake, we apologize profusely.
You can also contact us via the contact page on this blog or click on the link below:

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